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Is A Mini Wedding Right For Me?

Is a mini wedding right for me?

So you’re newly engaged, thinking about what it would look like to get married in 2021, pandemic be damned, and you now know that it is possible to get married in 2021 & how to do it well, now the questions is what type of wedding experience do I want?

Do you want to do it big?! Are you that person that has always dreamt of the pomp and circumstance that comes with a wedding? Do you love the idea of a getting ready party with your pals at a hotel suite? After all, it is a once in a lifetime event. Do you want everyone you know to see you have your moment? Do you want a dance party with lights and cold sparklers?! (okay maybe not the sparklers, but you get the point!)


Do you value intimate experiences over pomp and circumstance? Do you love the idea of waking up on your wedding morning in bed with your partner and having time for a quiet cup of coffee before you part ways? Are you afraid of looking back at your wedding photos regretting spending hundreds of dollars per person for dozens of people that aren't even in your lives anymore? Do you want every single person in attendance to be significant and to get to spend your day not rushed, but breathing in this once in a lifetime experience with these handpicked people in attendance?

If you vibed more with the 2nd, then a mini wedding might be right for you!

So what exactly is a mini wedding? Well, it's an all-inclusive experience that takes the work and the wait out of wedding planning.

Our packages are all inclusive of:

-A Venue

-Full Planning & Design

-A Semi-Customizable Catering Menu w/ open beer & wine bar

-Light & Airy photography

-Beautiful semi-custom floral package

-Live DJ

-Semi-Custom Stationery

-Semi-Custom Cake

For up to 30 guests.

Most of our mini weddings are executed in a matter of months, not years. So you can marry sooner & sweeter.

Still not sure if a mini wedding is for you? TAKE THE QUIZ & FIND OUT!

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