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7 Reasons to Have a Mini Wedding

7 reasons to have a mini wedding

So you’re not sure if you’ll love a mini wedding. I get it. It may not be what you envisioned or maybe it is what you envisioned, but you’re not totally sold on the idea. Here are 7 reasons why you should have a mini wedding:

  1. You’ll only spend your wedding day with the people that mean the most to you. Narrowing your guest list down to your top 30 life VIPs ensures that every single person in attendance at your wedding is someone who actually matters. It also minimizes the risk of looking back on your wedding photos and seeing someone who doesn’t hold a stake in your life anymore.

  2. You’ll spend less overall. Let’s be clear, these mini weddings are intended to be deluxe experiences with beautiful table settings, great music and food, and flowing bubbles and beer, but with a mini wedding, you’ll spend less overall than you would for an equally luxurious experience with a much larger guest count. A wedding this gorgeous & indulgent would cost you between $90-$100K for a guest list of 200. This means that you get to splurge on things you might pass up to save on costs with a larger guest count.

  3. You get to have a slower wedding day. With such an intimate guest count, you’re likely to have a small wedding party, if you have one at all. This means a later wake up, less running around, and more time to be present in the moment.

  4. You’ll actually get to spend time with your guests. Similar to the above point, a smaller guest count and less hectic day mean that you’ll actually get to spend time with the people you invite to your wedding. No hour-long venture to greet tables. You’ll drink, eat, dance, hug (if legally allowed) every single person who attends.

  5. There’s muuuuuch less waiting. These mini weddings can be pulled off easily in a matter of months vs the standard 12-18 month engagement of a traditional wedding. Stop waiting to start the next chapter of your life.

  6. It’s easy to plan. You’ll spend way less time interviewing and hiring vendors. With a pre-selected dream team, you can be confident that you have a team of professional artists (each in their own right) who will work together effortlessly to plan and execute every detail while you enjoy the fun things like picking out pretty paper and tasting yummy food.

  7. It’s easy to customize. While it’s a totally simple process to plan a mini wedding (all the major tasks are done) we’ve been really intentional about leaving space for you to make it your own. We know that not every wedding or couple is the same, so we want you to have the room to customize where possible. Customize everything from your invitation suite, your floral design, catering menu, cake, and venue selection. Pair that with your own unique tastes in music and your own family, friends & love story and you’ve got basically a compeltely customized wedding. We’ve just made the process easier & the cost controllable by creating some boundaries around the infinite possibilities from a traditional wedding planning process.

Sounding like your dream wedding? Schedule a free info call to learn more about our all-inclusive mini wedding experiences.

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