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7 Reasons NOT to Have a Mini Wedding

7 Reasons NOT to Have a Mini Wedding

Last week we talked about all of the reasons to have a mini wedding & look, I get it. A mini wedding isn’t for everyone. Some couples, no matter how luxe of an experience we make it, how special we promise it will be, cannot picture having a wedding with only 30 people. AND THAT IS OK. Pandemic or no, we want you to have YOUR idea of a dream wedding, not ours. So, here are 7 reasons NOT to have a mini wedding.

  1. You WANT 150 people in attendance at your wedding. Maybe you and your fiance come from big families or have moved a lot in your lives and have developed really meaningful friendships with dozens of people across the country (or world) and you don’t want to (or couldn’t) cut that list down to only 30 VIPs. Or maybe the pomp and circumstance mean a lot to your family or maybe you just want to show off how extravagant you are. There’s no shame in any of these. If what you WANT is not a mini wedding, then don’t have a mini wedding.

  2. Given the choice of spending $15K on an intimate wedding or eloping, you’d choose to elope. There is no shame in the elopement game. Elopements are special in their own right and in most cases cost even less than a mini wedding.

  3. You LIKE the idea of a busy wedding morning with steaming curling irons, bottles of champagne popping, pastries, and your best pals getting excited with you in your suite overlooking the city. Or maybe your style is more throwing back a few beers and playing Among Us. So the idea of slow & quiet wedding morning isn’t exactly your vibe.

  4. You’re ok with not spending time with all of your guests if it means a giant rager on the dance floor. You want BOPS playing all night and people dancing until they sweat. While you might have a really great time dancing at a mini wedding, it probably won’t exactly classify as a rager.

  5. You want a long engagement. As I mentioned in last week’s post, minis are supposed to be a relatively quick turnaround. If you’re wanting a 12-18 month engagement, minis are not an engagement experience you’re going to love.

  6. You want to go through the process of interviewing and assembling your vendor team. Though our Collective is a collection of pre-vetted pros with a stellar record in the Chicago Wedding market, it is pre-assembled. If you want to have a hand in selecting your vendors, this is not the right planning experience for you.

  7. You want a completely custom wedding. Our mini weddings are intended to be simple, quick to turn around, and cost-controlled (so it can be all-inclusive). We’ve made space within each of our vendors’ packages for you to customize & make it your own, but there are limitations to the customization. If you want a wedding day that has every aspect specific to your story as a couple, a mini wedding won’t be the right fit.

Sounding like minis ARE a good fit? Schedule a free info call here.

They’re not? Learn more about working with our in-house Chicago Wedding Planner team to plan a custom wedding day, whatever that looks like for you.

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