Chicago Intimate Wedding

Erin is the owner & designer mastermind behind LullaBelle Design. Since creating her company – kind of on accident, but that’s another story – she has served over 50 couples and countless other stationery clients. She's seen it all, heard it all, and solved all sorts of problems.

She's added significantly to her semi-custom line the past year, giving couples more options to create their perfect stationery. When she's not working, she's playing with her little one and two pups at home, reading (50% chance it’s Harry Potter…again), or losing at board games to her husband. 


"Erin was very professional and made such unique invitations that surpassed my expectations. Every one of our guests commented on how beautiful and appropriate the invitation was for the theme of our wedding."

"From my initial phone call, to face to face meetings, emails/text threads back and forth, and phone calls in between, Erin has been a gem and an absolutely exceptional professional to work with. I would recommend her to anyone wanting custom invites."

"Originally we were going to do our own day of stationary since we weren’t going to have a ton of signage but then decided that we wanted everything at our wedding to really look beautiful and professional which we knew we would get with Erin. By using her for our invites and our day of stationary, we were able to pull together a very cohesive and classy look to our wedding."