Chicago intimate wedding

ECBG Cake Studio started in 2011 as Erin's Custom Baked Goods and was founded on the ideals of customization, accessibility, and learning as she went. She had an immense amount of support and learned from outstanding bosses, instructors, chefs, bakers, co-workers, tutorials, mistakes, successes, mentors, and industry friends. Since then the focus of ECBG has shifted to honoring value, excellence, professionalism, and quality above all else. 


While keeping a personal and custom touch in mind, Erin promises to offer you delicious and beautiful pieces made with high quality and organic ingredients that are worthy of your celebration. She promises to strive for excellence in conquering the cake + pastry world, knowing it is always evolving, in order to bring you top tier skills, styles, and flavor.  


"Erin is actually the most incredible, kind, brilliant cake artist in Chicago, in the midwest, maybe even in the country. Her thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and heaven-sent talent gave us the most incredible and flat out delicious wedding cake that our guests raved about for days and days after our wedding was over."

"She not only creates beautiful treats, but makes them taste out of this world. I ended up doing a 5 tier cake with a different flavor cake and filling for each layer. Erin helped me put together what she thought would taste best together because I loved everything and my guests were blown away by the taste of each tier. It was so good that there was nothing left for my husband and I to take home."

"She was great with all, super responsive to us with more inspiration and her plans with our cake. The moment you see her cakes... it's just like art. Better than we imagined. But you guys, regardless of its beauty it's still tastes like yummy. freaking. cake."